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Disterapeutos grece difficile curabilis.


Disterapeutos AC | Disterapentos (-pẽtos B) B e | Disterapencos f {'u' misread as 'n'}

difficile (-ile f) A Ce f | dificile B


Disterapeutos is a Greek word meaning "difficult to cure".


δυσθεράπευτος /dystherápeutos/ "hard to cure".

The word is analyzable into the prefix δυσ- /dys-/ negating + θεράπευτος /therápeutos/ "curable" < θεραπεύω /therapeúō/ "to do service to the gods; attend or treat medically". The word occurs already in the Corpus Hippocrateum, in the treatise Περὶ ἰητροῦ {"Concerning the physician"}, where he speaks of φύματα /phýmata/ {"growths"} and ἕλκη /hélkē/ {"ulcers"} and that a certain type of growth, when ruptured, is δυσθεράπευτον /dystherápeuton/, i.e. "difficult to treat". (Hippocratic Corpus, ΠΕΡΙ ΙΗΤΡΟΥ, 10, ed. Jones (1923-95: VIII.310).

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