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Driobalanos grece glans.


Driobalanos is Greek for Latin glans {"acorn"}.


Greek δρυοβάλανος /dryobálanos/ "acorn" < δρυο- /dryo-/ the compound form of δρũς /drŷs/ {"oak"} + βάλανος /bálanos/ {"acorn"}. βάλανος /bálanos/ can means"acorn" but also any fruit similar to an acorn. By prefixing δρυο- /dryo-/ the meaning is narrowed down to "acorn".

Simon's transcription Driobalanos reflects the late Greek sound change υ > ι {/y/ > /i/}.

WilfGunther 18:40, 23 July 2014 (BST)

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