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Dulla arabice mello magnus viridis.


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Dulla is Arabic for a big green mello {"watermelon"}.


Simon’s Dulla can represent two vocalisations: ﺩﻟﻌﺔ /dullaʕa/, ﺩﻟﻊ /dullaʕ/ or /dullāʕ/.

Cf. Vocabulista p. 100 [[1]]: ﺩﻟﻌﺔ /dullaʕa/ Citrullus; p. 294 [[2]]: CITRULLA ﺩﻟﻌﺔ /dullaʕa/, ﺩﻟﻊ /dullaʕ/.

Karbstein p. 106: "14) Wassermelone {i.e. “water melon”} Citrullus lanatus Matsum. et Nakai
ﺩﻻﻉ /dulāʕ/".
Here the /l/ is not geminated; this could indicated that at this late stage – early 17th c. in the Spanish minority community of the Moriscos - consonant gemination, strongly reduced in the Western Romania, was no longer phonemic.

Dozy I, p. 457 quotes Vocabulista ﺩﻻﻉ /dullāʕ/, Maghrib: pastèque, melon d’eau {both words mean ”water melon”}.

Cf. Wehr (1976): ﺩﻻﻉ /dallāʕ/ "watermelon" (maghr.); Siggel (1950: 35): ﺩﻻﻉ /dullāʕ/ ind. Melone {i.e. "Indian melon"}

Botanical identification:

See [[3]].

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