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Dusarum scripsit Stephanus in synonimis pro dausir quod est avena.


Dusarum is not rubricated in j or p and follows the previous entry Duram/Duraʒ.
Dusarum AC efp | Durasum B | Duraruʒ j {'s' written over first "r"}
scripsit | dixit AC
synonimis (syno͡is ms. e; synois j; syno͡i. C) AC ej | sinonomis (sinoi͡s p; sinois f) B fp
auena ABC fp | aduena ms. e | aduena j


Dusarum is the {Latinised} form Stephanus uses in his Synonyms for {Arabic} dausir, which means in Latin avena {"oats, common cultivated or wild"}.


Stephanus in his Breviarium {also called: Synonymi} writes: aegilops … dusarũ [[1]].
N.b. Greek αἰγίλωψ /aigílōps/, itacist /egílops/, means i.a. "haver-grass; wild oat".

The information contained in this entry is also found in Egilops (2).

WilfGunther 15:17, 29 January 2015 (UTC)

See also: Avena, Dausir, Egilops (2)

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