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Egelidam aquam vocat Cornelius tepidam quasi non gelidam.


Egelidam (-dã A) AC f | Egilidam ms. e | Gelidã B {initial letter missing}

nõ ABC | nec ms. e | uero f


Egelidus is the word Cornelius Celsus uses, e.g. in egelida aqua "uncold water"; the word means something like "not cold", it is similar in meaning to the usual tepidus {"tepid"}.


Cf. Celsus, 4, 3, ed. Spencer (1935-8: I.420), when discussing treatment for cholera sufferers says: aqua, neque ea ipsa frigida, sed potius egelida danda est - "water must be given not cold but preferably somewhat lukewarm".

Simon comments on the word egelidus {lit. "uncold"} which does not seem to be used much by anyone else but Celsus in his De medicina, and which was obviously quite rare in Simon's time. egelidus is formed from gelidus "icy cold, frosty" and ex privativum, a form of negation; it means therefore "un-cold/un-icy; not cold = somewhat warm".

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