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Elios grece sol sed ylios profertur.


Elios ABC efp | Elies j {‘o’ misread as ‘e’}
sed AC | sӡ efjp | secũdũ B {sed and secundum have very similar abbreviations, cf. Cappelli (1912) [[1]].
ylios ABC ep | ylies j | illios f
profertur AC f | proferunt B ejp
{proferunt} greci add. j
{proferunt} ms. p adds an attempt to write Ἥλιος /HḖlios/ in Greek script


Elios is Greek for Latin sol {"sun"}, but the Greeks pronounce it ylios.


Cf. ἥλιος Classical Greek /hḗlios/ "sun". Two sound changes, which Greek had undergone as early as the Koine period, apply to this word:
- ψίλωσις /psílōsis/, literally "stripping bare", i.e. the loss of pronouncing /h/;
- the itacist pronunciation η > ι {/ē > i/}, resulting in the late Greek pronunciation /ílios/, which Simon portrays.
N.b. The letters "I,i" and "Y,y" are often interchangeable in Medieval Latin orthography.

WilfGunther (talk) 11:00, 18 November 2016 (GMT)

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