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Enchrista greci vocant liquida que liniuntur Cornelius celsus.


Enchrista (-crista p) AC efp | Encrista B

liniuntur | liniut~ p


Enchrista are what the Greeks call liquid preparations for rubbing in, according to Cornelius Celsus


Greek ἔγχριστα /énkhrista/ {sc. φάρμακα /phármaka/} is the neuter pl. of ἔγχριστος /énkhristos/ meaning "rubbed in as an ointment" (LSJ), an adjective consisting of ἐγ /eg-/ the prevelar form of ἐν /en-/ {"in(to)"} + χριστός /khristós/ {"to be rubbed on, used as an ointment or salve" (LSJ)}, a derivative of χρίω /khríō/ "I anoint, rub in".

Simon is referring to Celsus, 5, 25, ed. Spencer (1935-8: II.58-61); or in the CML edition, ed. Marx (1915: 211f). [[1]].

Here Celsus describes the ingredients for two Enchrista, one quod fit ad ulcera purganda et inplenda, maxime inter nervos – "one is used for cleaning and filling up ulcers. Especially those about sinews" (Spencer, 1935-8: II.59) The second is ad sacrum ignem – "for erysipelas". Ibid.

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