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Era grece lolium zizania.


Era grece (grece e) lolium (-liũ e) AC ef | Ragloliũ B {missing initial capital E, Ra + grece + loliũ}

zizania ABC f | zinzania e

Ms. f adds the next entry Eraclea q.v. to the text of this entry but without an initial capital: ERa grece lolium zizania raclea hoc ….


Era is Greek for Latin lolium or zizania {both meaning "darnel"}.


Era is from Greek αἶρα /aîra/ "darnel; Lolium temulentum". zizania,orum is loaned from Greek as well, ζιζάνιον /zizánion/ meaning "a weed that grows in wheat".

The name aira lives on in botanical Latin for a genus of annual grasses inhabiting much of the old world. They have characteristically slender leaves and stems, which is why they are sometimes called "hair-grass”. From the information available it is clear that they are not identical with what the ancients named αἶρα /aîra/ or aera.

WilfGunther 10/11/13

See also: Zizanion, Silemi, Xeilem

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