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Ethaleidos grece fuligo pendens trabibus et parietibus ex fumo facta.


fuligo AB f | foligo e | fulgio C

trabibus (-bus A f) AC ef | tarabibus B


Ethaleidos is Greek for Latin fuligo {"soot"} covering beams and walls and it comes from smoke.


Greek αἰθαλώδης /aithalṓdēs/ means "sooty, black" < αἰθάλη /aithálē/ "soot". The late Greek sound change αι /ai/ > /e/ applies. Simon transcribes the neuter form of the adjective αἰθαλῶδες /aithalôdes/. The expected transcription would be */ethalodes/, but all witnesses show ethaleidos.

WilfGunther 11/11/13

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