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Euchimia bona habitudo .i. bene humorata.


Euchimia B ef | Eukimia ACD


Euchimia means to be in "a good state of health", i.e. "the state of humoral equilibrium".


ἐυχυμία /eukhymía/ (medic.) "healthy state of humours".

ἐυ /eu/ + χυμία /khymia/ < χυμός /khymós/ "juice, liquid; the bodily juices, taste". The Greek pronunciation in Simon's time would be */efkhimía/.

However Italians at that time would still pronounce ἐυ {/e+u/}, but Greek χ {/kh/} they would pronounce as /k/, a pronunciation reflected in the variant spelling eukimia.

Greek υ {/y/}, pronounced like French "u" or German "ü", had by now become /i/ in Greek and medieval Latin.

See also: Euchimos

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