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Euchimos Cassius felix bonus humor.


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Euchimos according to Cassius Felix means "to be in a good condition".


ἐυχυμός /eukhymos/ "well-flavoured; productive of healthy humours; plump. in good condition" (LSJ).

ἐυ /eu/ + χυμός /khymós/ "juice, liquid; the bodily juices, taste". The Greek pronunciation in Simon's time would be /efkhimós/. Italians at that time would still pronounce ἐυ /e+u/, and Greek χ /kh/ as /k/, a pronunciation reflected in the variant spelling Eukimos.

Cf. Cassius Felix, De medicina, 29, 5, ed. Fraisse (2001: 59), Ad oculorum passiones {"For eye diseases"}, where he suggests that an eggwhite mixed with mother's milk is dripped into a swollen eye, and he comments: Est namque bonus humor lac quod Graeci euchymon vocant, ... - "For milk is a beneficial humour, which the Greeks call euchymon".

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