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  • How do I use the website as a dictionary or reference work? If you are interested in words starting with 'B', type this letter in the search box at the upper right corner of the page and hit "enter", and all entries starting with this letter will come up. To search for further information, type "bibliography" or "index".
  • How do I cite an entry? We recommend to archive the page via WebCite [[1]]. This will create a snapshot of a given page, including the authorship information found in the "history" field. Please e mail webmaster@simonofgenoa.org for further inquiries.
  • What does "$" and "?" mean? A "$" stands for a single, illegible character. A question mark at the end of a word means that it was not possible to decipher the word. This could for instance be the case if it contains a very unusual abbreviation, or if the paper was damaged.
  • How do I truncate words? You can use the same wild cards. For instance, "vesica*" yields results for both "vesica" and "vesicam".
  • Are contributions copy right protected? This page is published under the Creative Commons regulations set out below (see icon on the bottom of the page).