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Farina secundum Plinium a farre dicta eo quod ex ipso primo facta fuerit.


{secundum} Plini. C | Pli. A | pliniũ f | Pl’. B | paulũ uel pliniũ ms. e

farre ACB e | farro f


Farina {"ground corn, meal, flour"} according to Pliny is named from Latin far {"emmer"} because it was at first made from this cereal.


This refers to Pliny, 18, 20, 88, ed. Rackham (1938-63: V.244), where it says: farinam a farre dictam nomine ipso apparet "It is obvious by its very name that farina is derived from the word far {'emmer'}".

See also: Dechich, Far (2)

WilfGunther 14/11/13

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