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Fave arabice rubea et debet syllabicari fava .u. vocali et non cum .a. Stephanus vero faha scripsit.


rubea ABC e | rube f

syllabicari AC | silabicari (sill- f) B f | sillabicari ms. e

faua ABC | faue f | faba e

faha ABC | faba ef


Fave is Arabic for Latin rubea {"madder"}, it ought to be written fava with the vowel "u" and not "a". Stephanus however writes faha.


Wehr (1985): ﻓﻮﺓ /fūwa/ (Egyptian) "madder (Rubia tinctorum L.)"; Siggel (1950: 57): ﻓﻮﺓ /fūwa/ Rubia tinctorium, Krapp {i.e. "R. rinctorium, madder"}.

Simon seems to advocate a form fuva, which is a close rendering of the Arabic as recorded by Wehr and Siggel.

Stephanus in his Breviarium has Greek: eruthrodatõ {with a letter 'n' placed over the second 't' for correction} – Arabic: fuha [[1]].

See also: Rubia

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