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Feruzegi arabice stagnum metallum.


Ms. e only has the headword Feruzegi, which is then followed by the text of the entry Ferugo. {See Commentary below}.
Feruzegi ABC efp | Ferucigi (-çigi?) j
stagnum BC f | stãgnũ p | stagiũ j |stannũ A
{stagnum} seʒ add. f


Feruzegi {"turquoise"; see Commentary below} is Arabic for Latin stagnum metallum {the metal "tin" or "silver and lead alloy"}.


Wehr (1976): ﻓﻴﺮﻭﺯ /fairūz/ and ﻓﻴﺮﻭﺯﺝ /fīrūzağ/ "turquoise".
Siggel (1960: 85): ﻓﻴﺮﻭﺯﺝ /fīrūzağ/ Türkis {"turquoise"}.

In this entry the Arabic word, meaning "turquoise" [[1]] clearly has a different meaning from its Latin translation "tin" or a "silver and lead alloy".

This is how de Benito & Herrera speculate on the possible reason for this obvious semantic difference (1989: 225): "No es posible explicar la variación semántica que ha sufrido este término. Acaso fue extraída la palabra de un contexto árabe en el que las turquesas estaban engastadas en estaño, y por confusión hubo un trueque de palabras. O tendremos que pensar que tuvo su origen, como en otras ocasiones, en un error de copia …., es decir, el copista o editor copió la entrada de una línea y colocó la definición de otra posterior." - {i.e. 'It is not possible to explain the semantic variation this term has suffered. Perhaps the word was extracted from an Arabic context in which turquoise stones were mounted in a tin setting, and due to some confusion it came to a swap of words. Or we may have to think that it had its origin, as on other occasions, in a copying error, …, i.e. the copyist or compiler copied the beginning of one line but then added the end of another line further down.'}

This copying error must have occurred early on since all consulted witnesses show the same mistake, and indeed it is carried on into the Pandectarum Medicinae by Matthaeus Silvaticus.

As if to illustrate Vázquez de Benito's & Herrera’s comment, ms. e has after writing the head word Feruzegi clearly skipped a line and added the definition of the next entry Ferugo, i.e. Feruzegi .....................
..............scoria f’ri cacafe’ri idẽ et est id qd. fabri ferrarii, de fornacibus eiciũt globatim.

WilfGunther (talk) 14/12/2013

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