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Filichinum polipodium supra in filichinum.


polipodium (-diũ B f) ABC f | pollipodiũ e

supra ABC e | ut supra f

in filichinum AC | in felichinũ (-chiũ e) B e | om. f


Filichinum is a synonym of polipodium {"polypody"}, see above the entry Felichinum.


Filicina is derived from filica, a late Latin form of filix "fern". It is mentioned in Ps. Apuleius, Herbarius Apulei, 84, ed. Howald (1927: 151) HERBA RADIOLUM, radiolum being a synonym for "polypody fern", and where it further says: Alii filicinam dicunt, "Others call it filicina" and in some manuscripts it continues: Graeci polipodium vocant "the Greeks call it polipodium".

For further information see Polipodium, Felichinum, Radiolum.

See also: Besfagum, Bisbeigi

WilfGunther 17/11/13

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