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Filon grece folium filla folia.


Filon AB f | Fillon C | Filion e

grece folium AC | grece folium et f | foliũ gr B | foliũ (grece om.) e

filla AC ef | fila B


Filon is Greek for Latin folium {"leaf"}, and the plural filla is folia {"leaves"} in Latin.


φύλλον /phýllon/ is the Greek word for "leaf", plural φύλλα /phýlla/ "leaves". Simon transcribes phonetically the medieval itacist pronunciation of the word. Classical Greek still pronounced double consonants like λλ = 'll' differently, but by Simon's time double consonants were pronounced like their single counterparts. This explains the inconsistency in some transcriptions: filon but filla.

WilfGunther 17/11/13

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