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Fiteuma Dyascorides Folia habet similia structio sed minora, semen multum et partusum radicem longam et tenuem et non in altum demersam.


Fiteuma AC | Fireuma B efp {‘t’ misread as ‘r’} | Fiteuina? or Fiteuma j
structio ABC e | strutio p | strutõ or strutio j | strucio f
partusum C | par- or pertusum A efp | par- or pertussũ B | ptusuʒ j
{tenuem} et om. j
non om. B
altum AC | alto B efjp
demersam ABC f | dimersaʒ jp | diuersam ms. e
{demersam} et cetera add. jp


Fiteuma according to Dyascorides has leaves similar to structio {"soap wort"}, but they are smaller, the fruit {Graece: καρπός /karpós/} are many and perforated, with a root that is long and thin and not sunk deep.

Botanical identification:

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