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Flebotomia vene incisio a fles quod est vena et tome quod est incisio vel sectio.


Flebotomia AC ej | Flobotomia B | Flebothomia fp
incisio | inscisio j {twice}
fles AC | flebs B | fleps ejp | feleps f
quod est vena om. ejp
tome AC | tomos B j | tamos ms. e | thomos fp
vel sectio om. f


Greek Flebotomia translates into Latin as vene incisio {"cutting into a vein"}; from Greek fles, which means "vein", and tome, which means "incision" or sectio {"cutting"}.


Greek φλεβοτομία /phlebotomía/ is the term for "blood-letting". It is a compound noun consisting of φλέψ /phléps/, gen. φλεβός /phlebós/ meaning "blood-vessel, whether vein or artery, but sometimes distinguished from artery" (LSJ) and τομή /tomḗ/ or τομός /tomós/ from τέμνω /témnō/ "cutting, cleaving".

WilfGunther 17/11/2013

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