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Gaisdo herba fulonum qua tinguntur panni que osatis grece dicitur Macer de ipsa capitulum facit de qua infra in osatis.


fulonum ABC fp | fullonum C ej
grece om. B
grece dicitur AC | d. g. efjp
infra om. B
{in} osatis | ossatis f


Gaisdo is the herb of the fullers with which cloths are dyed. It is called osatis in Greek. Macer Floridus has written a chapter on this herb, for more on this see the entry Osatis below.


The word gaisdo meaning "woad" has many variants in medieval Latin, Du Cange mentions Gaisda, but waisdo, waisdum, waisdus and many others are also recorded, see Latham s.v. waida. The word is ultimately of Germanic origin, reconstructed as *waizda-, cf. English woad, German Waid.

WilfGunther 18,11/13

See also: Osatis, Isatis (1), Isatis (2)

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