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Geuz arabice nux.


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Geuz B e | Geuʒ p | Geum AC f


Geuz is Arabic for Latin nux {"nut"}.


Wehr (1976): ﺟﻮﺯ /ğauz/ "walnut".
Siggel (1950: 26): ﺟﻮﺯ /ğauz/ "Fr. v. Juglans regia, Wallnuß" {'fruit of J. regia; walnut'}.
ﺟﻮﺯ /ğauz/ is loaned from Persian ﮒﻮﺯ /gauz/, Modern Persian /gōz/, "walnut”, Steingass (1892: 377).

The transcription Geum in the later prints is the result of misinterpreting the long shape of a final letter 'z', i.e. 'ӡ' as a "sideways m" resembling a '3', a confusion that is extremely common especially in words of Arabic origin, which were unknown to the copyist. B, the early Zarotus print of 1473, still has the word transcribed as Geuz.

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