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Glossa grece lingua, inde cinoglossa lingua canis, arnoglossa agni, buglosa bovis, ippoglosa equi et cetera, huiusmodi.


Whole entry om. e

lingua | linga f | ligua j

{lingua} p adds what is possibly an attempt to write γλῶσσα /glôssa/ in Greek

cinoglossa AC fp | cinogrossa C | cinoglosa B | aneglossa j {anticipatory error; 'o' misread as 'e'}

canis om. f

arnoglossa (arno- p) AC jp | arnoglosa B | anoglossa f

agni | angni p

buglossa fjp | buglosa ABC

ippoglosa AC | ypoglossa fp | ypoglosa B | ypiglossa j


Glossa is Greek for {Latin} lingua {"tongue"} and with it are derived {Greek compound nous like} cinoglossa, which is {in Latin} lingua canis {lit. "dog's tongue"}, {Greek} arnoglossa - {Latin} agni {sc. lingua; lit. "lamb's tongue"}, {Greek} buglosa - {Latin} bovis {sc. lingua; lit. "oxtongue"}, {Greek} ippoglosa - {Latin} equi {sc. lingua; lit."horse-tongue"} etc. in that same manner.


Greek γλῶσσα /glôssa/ means "tongue; language",

κυνόγλωσσον /kynóglōsson/ - {lit. "hound's tongue", the name of a plant},

ἀρνόγλωσσον /arnóglōsson/ - (lit. "lamb's tongue", the plant "plantain"},

βούγλωσσον /boúglōsson/ - {lit. "ox-tongue", name of a plant",

ἱππόγλωσσον /hippóglōsson/ {lit. "horse's tongue" but see Commentary to entry Ippoglossos}.

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