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Gonoirea fluxus seminis sed grecus gonoria dicit a goni quod est semen et rois fluxus.


Goniorea AC p | Goniorrea j | Gonorrea B | Gonorrea vel goniorea ms. e | Gonorea f
{grecus} gonoria ABC ejp | gonorrea f
{gonoria} mss. jp attempt to write Γονόῤῥοια in Greek script
a goni ABC jp | agnoui f | a gõ e
rois AC efj | roys p | roris B


Goniorea means "seminal flow", but a Greek says gonoria from the word goni, which means "semen", and rois, which means "flow".


Goniorea :
Greek γονόῤῥοια /gonórrhoia/ is glossed by LSJ "spermatorrhoea".
The word γονόῤῥοια /gonórrhoia/ is a compound word made up of the compound form γονο- /gono-/ of γονή /gonḗ/ "offspring; race, family; generation; organs or act of generation" + ῥόος /rhóos/, Att.: ῥοũς /rhoûs/ or ῥοία /rhoía/, which means "flow, flux". Also the pronunciation /gonoría/ shows the result of the late Greek sound change: οι > ι or /oi/ > /i/.

The form Goniorea shows interference from itacist /goní/, i.e. γονή /gonḗ/.

Medical remarks:

N.b. Ancient Greek γονόῤῥοια /gonórrhoia/, Latin gonorrhoea, is not the sexually transmitted infection of modern times to which this name is now applied.

WilfGunther 23/11/2013

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