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Hafs arabice galla.


Hafs B f | Haff AC ejp
{galla} ms. e add. ul’ hafs


Hafs is Arabic for Latin galla {"oak apple").


Wehr (1976): ﻋﻔﺺ /ʕafṣ/ "galls, gallnuts, oak apples".
Siggel (1950: 53): ﻋﻔﺺ /ʕafṣ/ Gallapfel v. Quercus infectoria u. a. {i.e. "gallnut of Q. infectoria and other species"}

Witnesses B and f offer the closest transcription of the Arabic word: Hafs. The letters 'fs' – the 's' being "long s" - can easily be misread as 'ff'. The copyist of manuscript e was unsure, so he offered both readings: Haff … vel hafs {"Haff ... or hafs"}, whereas all the other witnesses consulted misread it as Haff.

WilfGunther 23/11/2013

For a different transcription of ﻋﻔﺺ /ʕafṣ/ see Alapsa

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