Hager alcamar

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Hager alcamar lapis lune.


Hager alchamar e | Hager alcham B | Halcamar ACD | Alchamar f | Hager alcamar scripsi (Wilf Gunther)


Hager alcamar is Arabic for Latin lapis lune {"moonstone, selenite"}.


Cf. Wehr (1976): ﺣﺠﺭ ﺍﻟﻘﻤﺮ /ḥağar al-qamar/ "(lit. 'stone of the moon'}, selenite".

ﺣﺠﺭ /ḥağar/ "stone" and ﻗﻤﺮ /qamar/ "moon".

Halcamar is most likely an abbreviated Hager that was misunderstood as the first letter of the word, i.e. *H. alcamar > Halcamar.

See also: Affronselinum, Lapis lune, General remark in Hager.

WilfGunther 23/11/13

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