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Hager almeses lapis in quo acuitur .s. cos.


Hager almeses B ef | Haget almẽses j | Halmeses ACD | Halmesse p {see comment below}.


Arabic Hager almeses denotes a stone with which things are sharpened, i.e. Latin cos "whetstone".


Hager almeses:
ﺣﺠﺮﺍﻟﻣﺴﻦ /ḥağar al-misann/.
Wehr: ﺣﺠﺮ /ḥağar/ "stone, weight" + ﻣﺴﻦ /misann/ {√snn} "whetstone, grindstone; razor strop".

Simon's form meses is unexplained; the expected transcription is: mesen, the form used in the two other entries mentioned below; 'n' misread as 's' is unlikely in European manuscripts. However this may be the result of a misreading of the original Arabic where misann and misass can look very similar: /misann/ﻣﺴﻦ v. ﻣﺴﺲ /misass/.

Concerning the forms Halmeses/Halmesse - presumably an abbreviated Hager was misunderstood as the first letter of the word, i.e. *H. almeses/almesse > Halmeses/messe. See General remark in Hager.

WilfGunther 24/11/2013

See also: Almesen, Lapis in quo acuitur

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