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Hager lulo margarita.


Hager lulo B f | Hager ... Julo {or Jido?) e | Hiulo ACD {see comment below}.


Arabic Hager lulo {lit. "pearl stone"} is in Latin margarita {"pearl"}.


ﺣﺠﺮ /ḥağar/ "stone, weight”. + ﻟﺆﻟﺆ /luʔluʔ/ "pearls" (Wehr, 1976).

Concerning the variant form Hiulo, most likely an abbreviated Hager followed by lulo was misunderstood as the first letter of the word, i.e. Hager lulo > *H. lulo > *Hlulo. Since the combination "H+l” is unusual, the 'l' was reinterpreted as 'i' > Hiulo. See Gerneral remark Hager.

WilfGunther 24/11/13

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