Hager sumbedhigi

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Hager sumbedhigi lapis smerillus.


Sumbedhigi f | Hager sumbedigi B | {Hager …} Sumbeddighi e | Humbehigi AC {See Commentary below}

smerillus (-illus f) AC ef | smerilus B


Hager sumbedhigi is Arabic for Latin lapis smerillus {"emery stone"}


Siggel (1950: 82): ﺳﻨﺒﺎﺫﺝ /sunbāḏağ/ Schmirgel, Korund {i.e. "emery, abradant, corundum"}.

The scribes' treatment of the subsequent entries that have Hager as their first element differs widely, but see Gerneral remark Hager.

The most likely explanation for the astonishing form encountered in witnesses AC, Humbehigi, is that at some time Hager was abbreviated to H. or some such device and consequently misunderstood as being the initial letter of the next word. Thus Hager sumbe(d)higi became *H. sumbe(d)higi > Humbehigi.

For further information see Smiris, Lapis sumbedig, Sumbedhigi, Almesu.

Wilf Gunther 24/11/13

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