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Harbe apud Avicennam est animal venenosum ova faciens venenosa.


Harbe ABD e f | Herbe C {printing error?}


Harbe {"chamaeleon"} is mentioned by Avicenna, it is a venomous animal that produces poisonous eggs.


Wehr (1976): ﺣﺮﺑﺎﺀ /ḥirbāʔ/ "chamaeleon (zool.)".

Simon is alluding to Avicennae Canon, liber II, capitulum 352. De harbe {followed by: id est chamaeleonti animali} Harbe quid est? Nota est. … Venena: dicitur, quod eius ovum est venenum perniciosum. - "What is harbe? It is {an animal} well-known. … Poisons: it is said that its egg is poisonous in a pernicious manner."

Wilf Gunther 25/11/13

See also: Cameleon (1), Cameleon (2).

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