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Harnoch arabice grus liber de doctrina arabica.


Harnoch AC e | Harnoc B | Haruech f {'n' misread as 'u'; 'o' misread as 'e'}

doctrina (-trina e) ef | doc. AC | dactrina B {typesetting error}

arabica ABC f | greca arabica ms. e


Harnoch is Arabic for Latin grus {"crane"} according to the liber de doctrina arabica.

Commentary and ornithological identification:

Simon's often quoted source, the liber de doctrina arabica, has so far not been identified, but cf., what must be a similar glossary/dictionary – Vocabulista - ed. Schiaparelli (1871: 149) ﻏﺮﻧﻮﻕ /ġurnūq/, Grus [[1]]; (1871: 410): GRUS ... ﻏﺮﻧﻮﻕ /ġurnūq/, {pl.} ﻏﺮﺍﻧﻴﻖ /ġarānīq/ [[2]]

Corriente (1989: 219), s.v. *GRNQ >gurnūq + garāniq< grulla {"crane"} ..."

Cf. Dozy (1877-81: II.210) ﻏﺮﻧﻮﻕ /ġurnūq/ "grue" {i.e. "crane"}.

Cf. Lane (1984: 2253): ﻏﺮﻧﻴﻖ /ġurnaiq/, ﻏﺮﻧﻮﻕ /ġurnūq/ and /ġirnauq/ "a certain aquatic bird ….the white stork [[3]] … the black stork [[4]]… Numidean crane" [[5]], [[6]].

However the common crane, Grus grus L. [[7]] occurs - apart from much of Europe - in Northern Africa and in the Middle East as well.

Cf. Wehr (1976): ﻏﺮﻧﻮﻕ /ġurnūq/ ﻏﺮﻧﻴﻖ /ġurnīq/ "crane (zool.)"

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