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Hasrem arabice agresta uva acerba sed Stephanus helserem scripsit.


Whole entry missing in fj
Hasrem (-rẽ p) AC ep | Hasreni B {'m' misread as 'ni'}
agresta | agrestis B
{acerba} ms. p adds attempt at writing ﺣﺼﺮﻢ /ḥiṣrim/ in Arabic
heserem ms. e | helsereʒ (-rẽ A) AC {'long s' misread as 'l' in helserem} | hererẽ p
{uva} & add. B
sed Stephanus he(l)serem scripsit om.


Hasrem is Arabic for Latin agresta or sour grape, but Stephanus writes helserem.


Cf. Wehr (1976): ﺣﺼﺮﻢ /ḥiṣrim/ "unripe and sour grapes" (syr.). Siggel (1950: 29): ﺣﺼﺮﻢ /ḥiṣrim/ "Saft unreifer Trauben. {i.e. 'juice of unripe grapes'}".

Vocalisation closer Simon’s are found in a number of Andalusi Arabic sources, e.g. the Vocabulista glossary, ed. Schiparelli (1871: 87): ﺣﺼﺮﻣﺔ /ḥaṣrama/ Agresta [[1]]; (1871: 235): AGRESTA ﺣﺼﺮﻣﺔ ﻭﺣﺼﺮﻡ ﻭﺣﺼﺮﻡ /ḥaṣrama wa ḥaṣram wa ḥiṣrim/ [[2]].
Cf. Corriente (1997: 129), s.v. *(ḤṢRM). See Heserem.

is a medieval Latin term for "verjuice"; cf. Du Cange: "AGRESTA, Omphacium, verjus".

WilfGunther 28/11/13

For Stephanus' version of the word and further information see also Heserem

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