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Hayet arabice serpens secundum Avicennam.


Hayet ACD | Haiet B ef


Hayet is Arabic for Latin serpens {"snake"} according to Avicenna.


Wehr (1976): ﺣﻴﺔ /ḥayya/ "snake, serpent, viper", pl. ﺣﻴﺎﺙ /ḥayyāt/.

The word ﺣﻴﺔ /ḥayya/ occurs several times in Avicenna’s Canon; in fact there is a chapter in the 2nd book, p.180, entitled ﺣﻴﺔ /ḥayya/ [[1]].

Cf. The Latin translation: (Goehl) Avicennae Canon, 2nd book: Capitulum 616. De serpente {annotation: followed by: id est vipera (concerning serpente annotation: haie). This text is also available online in the Lyon edition (1522: 120), De serpẽte Cap. dcxvi [[2]].

For a different spelling of this word see Haieth. See also: Salch alhaiet, Hanxi

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