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Heraclea hoc nomen multis plantis attributum fuit ut supra in er, que nomina quamvis sine aspiratione inveniantur melius tamen cum ipsa scribuntur.


hoc nomen ABC fjp | n.h. ms. e
fuit | fuerit ms. e
nomina | nota j
aspiratione | aspiraciõe f | Ha spiratione ms. e
cum ipsa scribuntur | cum aspiraciõe f


Heraclea: this name has been given to many plants as stated above in the entry Eraclea. Sometimes these names are found written without aspiration, i.e. without the initial letter "H", but it is better to write these names with "H".


In Simon's time the sound /h/ had long been lost in Greek and Vulgar Latin. However it was still written but only as a historicising and etymologising scribal tradition. Les educated scribes often wrote eraclea, as Simon did himself on several occasions, but of course the traditionalists – amongst whom we must count Simon - would find heraclea “better” since the original classical Greek form Ἡρακλεία /Hērakleía/ did in fact begin with /h/. For the etymology of the word see Heraclea (1).

WilfGunther (talk) 15:22, 19 August 2015 (BST)

See also: Heraclea (1), Eraclea.

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