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Hessa Stephanus pro haaxe scripsit et est thimus.


Whole entry missing in f

haaxe AC | axe ul’ haaxe B | haxe uel haasse e

thimus A e | thĩus C | thimum B


Stephanus writes Hessa instead of haaxe, and it is thimus {"thyme"}.


Siggel (1950: 27): ﺣﺎﺷﺎ /ḥāšā/ Thymus capitatus (LK) (Lab.) o. e. Origanum (Lab.) {i.e. "Thymus capitatus or some origanum"}. [[1]], [[2]]

For further information see Thimus.

Wilf Gunther 28/11/13

See also: Assce, Haxe

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