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Iahadde arabice polium Stephanus iahada dixit.


Iahadde ACD | Iahade B efjp
Stephanus iahada dixit om. j
iahada | Jahar ms. e
dixit | scripsit ms. e

According to Simon’s remarks in Preface § 6 he would have transcribed this lemma *Jahadde, with “J” rather than “I” to indicate the pronunciation /ğ/ as in English word-initially in “jay”.
N.b. none of the witnesses consulted use “J,j” and “I,i” contrastively but the difference is only calligraphic. One must assume that the scribes generally just ignored it.


Iahadde is Arabic for Latin polium {"felty germander"}. Stephanus says iahada.


Siggel (1950: 25): ﺟﻌﺪﺔ /ğaʕda, ğuʕda/ Teucrium polium (Lab.) Poleigamander {"felty germander"}.

Cf. Stephanus: Breviarium [[1]] : Polion … Iahada

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