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Idema grece inflatio tumor per oi dipthongum scribitur.


Idema AC e | Idoma B f {'e' misread as 'o'}

inflatio (ĩfla- B) ABC | inflacio ef

{per} oi ABC | oy f | ei ms. e

diphthongum AC | diptũgum B | diptongum f | diptongon ms. e


Idema is Greek Latin inflatio or tumor {"swelling"}; it is spelt with the oi diphthong.


οἰδημα /oídēma/ "swelling, tumour" occurs first in the Hippocratic Aphorisms and the Epidemics. According to Galen the word applies only to soft and painless tumours (LSJ).

Simon's transcription reflects the sound change from classical οι {/oi/} > ι {/i/}. To fully portray an itacist pronunciation the lemma would have been transcribed /ídima/.

In modern medical terminology oedema or edema is an excessive accumulation of fluid in the body tissues: popularly known as dropsy. (Martin, 1985).

Wilf Gunther 29/11/13

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