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Ierdhe arabice panis valde mollis.


Ierdhe AC | Ierdehe B | Ierdche efjp
mollis | molis B f


Ierdhe is Arabic for Latin 'very soft bread'.


Simon’s expected transcription would be *Ierdeche. Simon in his Preface § 6 intended to distinguish contrastively the two variants using the letter “I,i” for the vowel/semivowel, e.g. Latin Iuncus {“a rush”; initial sound as in “yes”, but “J,j” for the consonant, i.e. affricate, ﺟﻤﻴﺰ /ğummaiz/ *Jumeiz” {“sycamore fig”; initial sound as in “jest”}. This would result in a transcription,like *Jerdeche. Unfortunately the scribes did not adhere to this proposal and the distinction is nowhere clearly applied in the witnesses consulted.


  • Cf. Vocabulista, ed. Schiaparelli (1871: 509): … ﺟﺮﺩﻘﺔ /ğardaqa/ PANIS [[1]].
  • Corriente (1997: 93), s.v. *(JRDQ) jardaqah … "round loaf", and he sees it as a Pahlavi loan girdag "round" and Modern Persian /girde/ "round bread".
  • Dozy (1877-81: I.185): ﺟﺮﺩﻖ /ğardaq/ et ﺟﺮﺪﻖ /ğarḏaq/, ﺟﺮﺩﻘﺔ /ğardaqa/ et ﺟﺮﺪﻘﺔ /ğarḏaqa/ … A Damas on donne le nom de djardaka à une pâtisserie de froment , … "In Damascus the name djardaka is given to a cake made of wheat…"
  • Lane (1984: 408): ﺟﺮﺩﻖ /ğardaq/ and ﺟﺮﺪﻖ /ğarḏaq/ or ﺟﺮﺩﻘﺔ /ğardaqa/ and ﺟﺮﺪﻘﺔ /ğarḏaqa/ … "a cake of bread".

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