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Ieuz arabice nux supra in ge.


Whole entry missing in e.
Ieuz B f | Ieum (Ieũ p) ACD jp {"long ʒ" misread as "sideways m").
supra in ge om. f


Ieum is Arabic for Latin nux {"nut"}. See entry above under Geuz.


Wehr (1976): ﺟﻮﺯ /ğauz/ "walnut". Siggel (1950: 26): ﺟﻮﺯ /ğauz/ Fr. v. Juglans regia, Wallnuß {i.e. "walnut"}.

ﺟﻮﺯ /ğauz/ is loaned from Persian ﮒﻮﺯ /gauz/, Modern Persian /gōz/, "walnut", Steingass (1892: 377).

Simon's transcription of the Arabic word with initial "I" is an attempt to express the affricate pronunciation of /ğauz/, i.e. the initial and final sound in English "judge"; in the spelling of Italian in Simon's time this sound would often have been written as "I/i", e.g. iorno "day", but today: giorno.

According to Simon’s remarks in Preface § 6 he would have transcribed this lemma *Jeum/z rather than Ieum/z, using the letter “J/j” rather than “I/i” for /ğ/ in order to indicate the pronunciation /ğauz/, but none of the witnesses show this distinction consistently in their writing.

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