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Iezar arabice bautia iezarum scripsit Stephanus exponens daucus agrestis.


Ieʒar AC jp | Iezar B f | Ierar or Ieʒar ms. e
bautia AC p | baucia B ef | baucea j
ieʒarum (-arum AB) ABC | Ieʒarum (-ruʒ j)fj | Iezarũ ms. e | ʒeʒarum p
scripsit Stephanus | S. s. ms. f
exponens | ex̄por f {= exponitur}
daucus (-cus A e) ABC ep | dancus j | raucus f


Iezar is Arabic for Latin bautia {"carrot"}. Stephanus writes iezarum explaining that it is the wild daucus {"carrot"}.


Wehr (1976): ﺟﺰﺭ/ğazar /“carrot(s)”.
Siggel (1950: 25): ﺟﺰﺭ /ğazar/ “Daucus carota (Umb.), Mohrrübe {i.e. “carrot”}

According to Simon’s remarks in Preface § 6 he would have transcribed this lemma *Jezar rather than “Iezar” in order to indicate the pronunciation /ğazar/ with the initial sound as in English “jest”, but none of the witnesses make a clear distinction between these letters in their writing. Possibly only ms. p with its ʒeʒarum was attempting to indicate the sound /ğ/.

Stephanus in his Breviarium writes: daucos ... ducas i.e. iazerũ agreste [[1]] – “daucos {Arabic} ducas is the wild iazerῦ”.
N.b. ducas is possibly a misreading of *ducus < Latin daucus < Greek δαῦκος /daûkos/ “carrot”.

For further Arabic variants derived ultimately from δαῦκος /daûkos/ see:
Dozy (1877-81: I.476): ﺩﻭﻕ /dawq/ (δαῦκος /daûkos/) “panais, pastinade” {i.e. ‘parsnip’}.
N.b. parsnip and carrot were sometimes not distinguished in the Middle Ages, cf. the Vocabulista glossary where ﺟﺰﺭ /ğazar/ is glossed “pastinacia”, ed. Schiaparelli (1871: 79) [[2]]; (1871: 512) [[3]].
And Dozy (1877-81). s.v. ﺩﻭﻗﻮﺍ /dawqūʔ/ (δαῦκος /daûkos/), which is described as (the seed of the) wild carrot.

Cf. also Simonet (1888: 171): DÁUCO or DÁUCU AND DÚCU ﺩﻮﻗﻮﺍ /dwqwʔ/ [[4]].

And Karbstein (2002: 104): “6) Wilde Möhre Daucus carota L.” {i.e. “wild carrot” D. carota}: ﺩﻭﻗﻪ ﻫﻮ ﺟﺰﺭ ﺑﺮﻱ /dūquh huwa ğizar birī/ - “/dūquh/, that is wild /ğizar/"
And ibid. under “7) Möhre Daucus carota L.” {i.e. “carrot D. carota”} he mentions several Arabic forms of daucus: /dūqū(s)/, /dawqū/, /dauqus/.

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