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Igrassia grece humor per .y. humectatio.


Igrassia AC ejp | Igrasia (-gra- B) B f
grece | ĩ gŕ B
{humor} sed add. B ejp
{per y} ms. p attempts to write what is possibly ὑγρασία? /hygrasía/ in Greek script
{per .y.} melius add. B | ms. e add. empty space
per .y. humectactio | hũectacio sed per .y. f
humectatio p | humectactio AC | hũetatio B | hũectacio f | hũectao ms. e | om. j
{humectactio} sed add. f


Greek Igrassia is in Latin humor, {better} written with the letter "y" {i.e. ygrassia}; it means "moisture".


Greek ὑγρασία /hygrasía/ means "moisture".

Simon's transcription reflects the loss of /h/ that had occurred long ago and the late Greek sound change υ > ι {/y/ > /i/}, resulting in /igrasía/. The unetymological spelling "ss" in igrassia shows that doubled consonants were no longer pronounced differently from the respective single consonant in that version of Greek. Simon's suggestion that the word is better written with "y" shows that he was aware of the Greek spelling, but this is pure etymologising on his part since neither Greek nor Latin speakers distinguished in pronunciation between "Y,y" and "I,i", pronouncing both /i/ as in Fench six, German sie and English fatigue

Simon also offers a brief entry with the more etymological spelling Ygrasia.

WilfGunther (talk) 01/12/2013

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