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Igros grece viridis limpidus purus preclarus liquidus madidus rosidus humectus humidus sed per .y. melius.


purus preclarus AC efjp | preclarus purus B
madidus | maddidus ms. e
rosidus om. e
humectus humidus | humidus humectus f
{humidus} mss. jp attempt to write ὑγρός {/hygrós/} in Greek script
{melius} etc. add. j


Igros is Greek for Latin viridis {"green"} limpidus {"clear"}, purus {"pure"}, preclarus {"very bright"}, liquidus {"fluid"}, madidus {"wet"}, rosidus {"dewy"}, humectus {"damp"}, humidus {"moist"}. It is better spelt with the letter "y" {i.e. Ygros}.


The Greek adjective ὑγρός /hygrós/ means "wet, moist, fluid, liquid; soft, pliant, supple".

rosidus is a false writing for roscidus "full of dew, wet with dew" (Lewis & Short, 1879)

WilfGunther (talk) 01/12/2013

Simon offers an almost identical text under Ygros q.v. See also: Igrassia

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