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Ippopotamos grece secundum Ysidorum est piscis fluvialis equo similis .s. capite iubato et dorso in nilo nascens, sed de eo supra in yppotanos.


Ippopotamos ACD e | Ipopotamos B p | Ipopotames j | Ippotami f
Ysidorum | istud ms. e
capite | capita f
iubato ACD | iuba B efjp
nilo | uilo j {‘n’ misread as ‘u’}
in om. e
ippotamos f | yppotanos AC | yppotamos j | ypotãos D | ipopotãos B | oppotanios p | om. e


Ippopotamos is Greek, according to Isidore it is a fish living in streams that is similar to a horse with a mane on its head and back. Its habitat is the Nile; but there is more about this under the entry yppotanos.


is a corrupted form of hippopotamus. Simon is referring to the entry Ipopotamos.

Isidore’s passage:
Here is Isidore’s passage, De animalibus - "On animals” 12, 6, 21 [[1]]: Hippopotamus vocatus, quod sit equo similis dorso, iuba et hinnitu, rostro resupinato, aprinis dentibus, cauda tortuosa - "Hippopotamus {lit. 'river-horse'} is so named, because it is similar to a horse, having the same back, a mane and it neighs; its muzzle is tilted backwards, it has boar-like teeth and a squiggly tail".

WilfGunther (talk) 17:42, 24 July 2016 (BST)

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