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Istericepnix apud Musionem vocatur prefocatio matricis proprio capitulo sed steripopnix puto melius nam apopnixe grece est prefocare.


Ms. f misses the headword Istericepnix altogether and the rest of the entry is seemingly part of the previous entry Iis {= Is = ovis}.
Istericepnix AC | Istericepius B jp {‘n’ misread as ‘u’} | Isteriprenix ms. e | om. f
prefocatio AC p | - cacio B ej | cao f
steripopnix ABC f | steriopo͠͠pnix j | steripopnit ms. e | steriponpius p
apopnixe ABC ef | aponpuixe p | opopnixe j
est om. p


Istericepnix is Mus<t>io’s name for Latin prefocatio matricis {"suffocation of the uterus"} in the appropriate chapter, but I think that steripopnix is the better word, because apopnixe is the Greek for Latin prefocare {"suffocate"}.


Simon alludes to Mustio’s Gynaecia, Liber 2, 5, De praefocatione matricis, ed. Rose (1882: 58-61) [[1]]: Vulvae praefocatio, quae a Graecis ysterice pnix dicta est, ab eo quod mulieres praefocet nomen accepit - "The choking of the vulva, which the Greeks called ysterice pnix, is so called because it {i.e. the affliction} chokes women".

= Isterice pnix < Greek: ὑστερικὴ πνíξ /hysterikḕ pníx/ "suffocation of the mother/ womb", i.e. πνίξ /pníx/ "suffocation" and ὑστερική /hysterikḗ/ "relating to the womb".

As for Simon’s questionable suggestion for a better term: steripopnix, the term is made up of these elements:
ἀποπνίγω /apopnígō/ "to choke, throttle, suffocate", of which ἀποπνίξαι /apopníxai/, late Greek pronunciation /apopnixe/, is the infinitive act. aorist.
steripopnix < /(hy)steri(kē/ + /(a)popnix/. Simon's term is not formed according to the usual Greek rules of compounding.

WilfGunther 02/12/2013

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