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Kamedreos et camepitheos et omnia huiusmodi a kame quod est infimum melius per .ch. scribuntur secundum grecum ut supra ostensum est.


camepitheos AC f | kamepiteos e | kamepitheos p | kamiphiteos j | gamepitheos B
et omnia huiusmodi | et cũ huiusmodi me. e | et ossa huius f
a kame | achame f
infimum | ĩternũ ? j
{per} ch | ch or th? p
scribuntur | scribitur f
ostensum AC ep | hostẽsũ B | o͡nsum f | oũsuʒ j


Kamedreos and camepitheos; all the lemmata starting with kame-, which is Greek for "very low {growing on the ground}", are better written with "ch" in accord with the Greek original, as is shown {in the entry Chamedryos} above.


Contrary to his statement Simon himself writes most entries starting with chi {i.e. Greek Χ,χ = /Kh,kh/} with 'c' only, cf. the appropriate entries after C littera, unless scribal corruption changed these during the transmission process.

is Greek χαμαί /khamaí/ "on the ground; to earth", showing the late Greek vowel change from αι > ε {/ai/ > /e/}, resulting in /khamé/.

WilfGunther (talk) 05/12/2013

For further information see also: Chamedryos, see Kamadarios.

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