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Katagma osteon grece fractura ossium.


Katagma osteon e | Katagmaosteõ C | atagma osteon A {initial letter missing} | Katagina osteon f | Katagĩa ostrũ B {most likely Katagma was misread as Katagina with 'm' originally misread as 'ni' and then abbreviated to Katagĩa; ostrũ 'e' misread as 'r'}

fractura (-tura B e) B ef | factura C | ractura A {initial letter missing}


Katagma osteon is Greek for Latin fractura ossium {"fracture of bones"}.


Greek κατάγμα /katágma/ "fragment; breakage; (medical) fracture" is a compound of the preposition κατά /katá/, strengthening the notion of the main word, + ἀγμός /agmós/ "fracture (of a bone)".

ὀστέον /ostéon/ contracted ὀστοῦν /ostoûn/ means "bone", plural genitive is ὀστέων /ostéōn/ contracted ὀστῶν /ostôn/.

κατάγμα ὀστέων /katágma ostéōn/ means "fracture of bones".

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