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Kefalalgia grece cefalalgia dicunt latini dolor capitis kefali grece caput.


Kefalalgia AC fjp | Kefalagia B e
cefalalgia AC | cefalargia B efjp
{capitis} attempt in ms. p to write κεφαλαλγία /kephalalgía/ in Greek script.
caput | capud ms. e
Kefali grece caput is a separate entry in efjp


Kefalalgia is Greek for cefalalgia as Latin speakers say or dolor capitis {"head ache"}, kefali is Greek for Latin caput {"head"}.


Simon rightly mentions κεφαλή /kephalḗ/, "head" - quoted by Simon in its itacist pronunciation: /kefalí/ - as the defining word in this Greek compound consisting of
κεφαλ-(ή) /kephal-(ḗ)/, + ἄλγ-(ος) /álg-(os)/ {"pain"} + -ία /-ía/ {noun ending} > κεφαλαλγία /kephalalgía/, i.e. (lit.) "headache".

By coincidence this compound had two identical syllables, i.e. –αλαλ- /-alal-/ in its middle. Early on these were dissimilated to -αλαρ- /-alar-/ resulting in a very popular later collateral form: κεφαλαργία /kephalargía/, which is found in some witnesses for this entry and other entries as well.

WilfGunther (talk) 09/12/2013

See also Cefalargia.

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