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Kefalos ichthys grece cefalus piscis mugilis.


ichthys AC | ichthis ms. e | ichitis (-is f) B f | ithchis j | ichthitis p
cefalus (-us B) ABC p | cefallus ms. e | Kchefalus f {rubricated in f}
mugilis AC | mugilus B fj | mugillus ms. e | muligus j


Greek kefalos ichthys is in Latin cefalus piscis {lit. "the fish cefalus"}, or another Latin name for it is mugilis {"mullet"}.


Kefalos ichthys:
Greek ἰχθῦς or ἰχθύς /ikhthŷs/ or /ikhthýs/ is the word for "fish"; and κέφαλος /képhalos/ is the name for a species of mullet; the word was adopted into late Latin as cephalus. Simon’s transcription reflects the itacist pronunciation /kéfalos ikhthís/.

Latin mugilis or mugil is a sea-fish, possibly the mullet.

WilfGunther 09/12/2013

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