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Khitim arabice est altea.


Whole entry missing in p
Khitim (-tĩ B) ABC e | Kithim j | Kictam f
est om. e


Khitim is Arabic for Latin altea {"marsh mallow"}.


Wehr (1976): ﺧﻄﻤﻰ /ḫiṭmī/, /ḫaṭmī/ "marsh mallow (Althaea officinalis; bot.)".
Siggel (1950: 33): ﺧﻄﻤﻰ /ḫiṭmī/ Althaea officinalis (Malvac.) Eibisch, Stockrose{?} {i.e. “marsh mallow; hollyhock”{?}}
Lane (1984: 768): ﺧﻄﻤﻰ /ḫiṭmī/ or ﺧﻄﻤﻰ /ḫaṭmī/ … [“Althaea; the Althea officinalis of Linn.; i.e. marsh mallow”] …
Both vocalisations: /ḫiṭmī/ and /ḫaṭmī/ occur in Simon; cf. Althea with forms chatin, cathim, etc. and Eviscus and the present entry with Khitim, chitim etc.
N.b. the Arabic end-syllable is /–mī/, but in medieval handwriting “mi” and “im” are difficult to distinguish.

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