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Kreas caro creata carnes sarcos etiam vocatur ut in .s.


caro A j | caro κρεασ k | graece caro κρεασ n

creata A j | kreata kn

sarcos A | kerata sarchos k | graece sarcos j | κερατα sarchos n

etiam A jn | eciam k

ut in .s. A | ut infra in sar kn | ut .s. j


Kreas is Greek for Latin caro {"flesh; meat"}, creata is different kinds of meat and Greek sarcos is another word for the same, as shown in the entry below Sarchion.


Greek κρέας, /kréas/ means "flesh, meat; carcass" (LSJ), its late Greek pl. is κρέατα /kréata/ "meats". Simon furthermore has Greek sarc(h)os, i.e. σαρκός /sarkós/, the gentive of σάρξ /sárx/, which also means "flesh".

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