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Krepali grece crapula.


Krepali AC f | Kerpali B | Krapali e


Krepali is Greek for Latin crapula {"excessive wine-drinking, intoxication"}.


Greek κραιπάλη /kraipálē/ means "drinking-bout; intoxication; drunken headache" (LSJ), a word with uncertain etymology. According to Hofmann (1930-56: I.284), and Ernout (2001: 147) Latin crapula is an early loan of the Greek word.

Simon's transcription of what is in classical Greek κραιπάλη /kraipálē/ shows two sound changes which the word underwent in later Greek: αι > ε {/ai/ > /e/} and η > ι {/ē/ > /i/}, resulting in /krepáli/.

Wilf Gunther 08/03/14

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